Welcome to Palm Tree Orthodontics! We hope you’ll find our office to be much like home.

We are passionate about the priorities of homeschool families…because they are our own. Our Homeschool Advantage Plan offers customized office hours and a $400 orthodontic treatment plan discount!

Family Values

We hope you’ll find our offices to be much like home. After all, we want to see you smile from the inside out! From Dr. Agnini’s knowledgeable assurance, to our friendly staff, to the celebratory balloons awaiting your special days, we’re at your side. Our patients are family.

Time Management

One of the wonderful privileges of the home-school lifestyle is optimizing the hours when our office is less crowded, maximizing your time at home or activities! We want to make that advantage even sweeter! By joining our Home-school Advantage Program, your regular appointments will be scheduled between 10:00am – 2:00pm when our office is quieter and traffic is lighter; and you’ll save $500 off your total plan cost!

Financial Stewardship

Your smile is an invaluable asset. Let us help you maximize your investment! In addition to the $500 discount you’ll receive as members of our Home-school Advantage Plan, explore our orthodontic savings plan and referral appreciation program! Call us to schedule your consultation and join the family!

Our family warmly offers you our smiles as we beautifully create yours!